The Power to Heal Your Workplace

Imagine living and working in a healthy and highly functional environment where both the organization and the people thrive.

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Are you searching?

Are you searching for ways to increase productivity and work-flow efficiencies, as well as engage and unify your employees?

Are you personally searching for ways to love your job, to feel confident with a sense of purpose and accomplishment in the hours and energy you give to your work, and to your life?  

Is everyone wishing relationships could be more positive, supportive and healthy?

Step into a revolutionary approach to how you can heal your workplace.  Two areas a workplace suffers: with their people &/or in getting the work done.

Pretty simple!

What else is simple is this: Healthy workplaces come from healthy systems and healthy people.

And, healthy workplaces create the space for people to excel, love their jobs and do them very, very well. Which in turn creates an organization that can dynamically, effectively and financially serve their clients – whomever they may be.

Wise, honest, practical, and applicable solutions is what healing workplaces is all about. No info dumping here – we are all about resilient solutions based on solid principles.

To create the best experience in your workplace, let’s talk!

Our promise to you

To listen beyond what is said (and not said), ask the questions to reveal the root causes, and to offer tools, support and action for your workplace to heal.

Let's Work Together

Woman smudging with sage

Let’s make your workplace super great by improving the structural strategies necessary to get the work done effectively and efficiently. And let’s heal your people by creating unity in your community, then giving people the autonomy to ‘own’ their jobs.  Doing this, we craft a mutual accountability between organizations and their people.

The result – a top notch employer of choice powered by outstanding, dedicated employees who work collaboratively to achieve personal and corporate goals.

We are committed to the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada.

We honor the land we live and work as Treaty 7, the traditional territories of the Siksikca, the Piikani, the Kainai, the Tsuut’ina and the Iyarhe Nakoda Nations. We give thanks for the ceremonies, traditions, and resilience of First Nation, Inuit and Métis Peoples. We understand the Truth of Canada’s history, committing to learn more, collaborate with mutual respect, and give our best for Reconciliation.

Who I Work With

If you, or your organization, want a vibrant, healthy environment that is also fantastically functional, we offer training, consulting and speaking services to help you achieve this ideal workplace.

“One key takeaway from the conference was the communication piece within our organization, our partners and the clients we serve.”

Tammy Hanstead

“Her ideas and strategies were fantastic.”

Carmen Brown

“Tami was able to read between the lines and show me things about myself that I never knew were there...hidden gems of wisdom and experience.”

Harrison Kuhn

“Tami is able to stay open-minded in the face of turmoil. She is a great listener, preferring to gather lots of information before offering an opinion/solution.”

Becky Parker

“The work that we did helped to break down walls … to sort through the mess, then build the framework for a revolutionary understanding of myself and those who are in my daily life.”

Jayne Walker

“Tami was willing to meet me where I’m at; understanding the emotional barriers that prevented me from moving forward.”

Dailyn Finnicum

“That relief was a springboard that allowed me to venture--to risk--to try the many practical suggestions for creating manageability in my life. In short, working with Tami has been life altering.”

Dawn Brochner


5 Keys to Emotional Freedom

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