Meet Chai
Meet Chai, the soul who taught me courage and to be authentic.

Tami Leigh, Workplace Lay Therapist.

About me… I’d say my life is just like yours – a series of events, in a perfect balance of “cause and effect” accumulating into the story of life. So it went … until it didn’t.

Culturally immersed with the Deaf, First Nations, Caribbean and Arabic communities, as well as personally familiar with generational abuse, alcoholism and the residential school system adds a unique dimension into who I am and how I work.

For twenty years I was a partner and VP Operations in an International Recruitment Agency, placing oil and gas professionals into positions in North America, the Arabian Gulf and North Africa. I loved it!

When my marriage of 27 years ended, a journey into a personal “Dark Night of the Soul” was a catalyst for a complete transformation. With lots of work over the next dozen years, I overcame the effects of abuse, piecing together the patterns and responses anchored in old beliefs that were no longer serving me. It was an arduous learning curve – straight up a freaking mountain. But at the top I discovered my autonomy - the confidence and capacity to own my very Being.

During that time, I sub-contracted with a training company, teaching over 5,000 women and men right across all the provinces and territories. The training company did not survive covid which opened for me to fully embrace working with the soul of people and organizations. An accumulation of my life leaves the wisdom to move people past limiting emotions and beliefs into their strength. Adding in my years of international corporate expertise, we build effective systems to make workplaces highly functional.

The title Workplace Lay Therapist perfectly describes the niche I provide to individuals and organizations. Over twenty years’ experience in business development, human resources, and management and extensively studying a wide array of psychological schools of thought gives me a scope that lies along the spectrum between that of the unlearned and that of a licensed professional. Fully respectful of the role professionals provide, I never hesitate when a client requires such a recommendation.

Why Hire Me?

  1. I speak to things that really matter to me and to others I work with
  2. Interactive - create huddles with the audience and work from their answers
  3. Throw in a lot of story-telling and humor
  4. I am exceptionally personable, warm and insightful
  5. Make myself available afterwards for questions or guidance
  6. Minimal distractions such as PowerPoint
  7. I stand for the duration of the event
  8. Customizable programs / Talks

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