Corporate Consulting Services

Are you spending more time as a firefighter than a manager?

It would be a pleasure to assist your organization:

  • Identify the root cause to the known issues
  • Create solutions for sustainable change
  • Review policies, processes and procedures
  • Define further the reporting, roles and responsibilities for staff
  • Look at the organizational structure and workflow systems

Private Coaching for Personal and Professional Development

Are you searching for a way to change what isn’t working?

In a safe and compassionate space:

  • Discover the root causes of life’s challenges
  • Peel away the layers of your ‘onion’ as your healing journey reveals itself
  • Build confidence
  • Learn to set appropriate boundaries
  • Create a much brighter future
Holistic health concept of zen stones / Concept body, mind, soul, spirit,

“Tami was willing to meet me where I’m at; understanding the emotional barriers that prevented me from moving forward.”

Dailyn Finnicum

Soul Story Retreat

Looking for a deeper, spiritual experience with like-minded souls?
A weekend retreat set in a charming environment:

  • Blend an artistic expression of the personal journey of your Soul
  • Process through the emotional or psychological blockages holding you back
  • Heal together with like-minded, supportive co-travelers
  • Enjoy nature, solitude and a oneness with the Spirit

“The work that we did helped to break down walls … to sort through the mess, then build the framework for a revolutionary understanding of myself and those who are in my daily life.”

Jayne Walker

“Do THE Thing” Sessions

Are you thinking some ongoing inner work could be beneficial?

  • Receive the ongoing guidance as your journey is supported on a more continuous basis
  • Expand your world by challenging your beliefs
  • Find and express your voice, your authenticity
  • Create solutions for your own evolution
  • Discover the freedom of being You!

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