Organizational, Professional and Personal Development

The relationship between an organization and its people is symbiotic, dependent on one another.

Speaking to your audience on ways to provide the best environment for the highest results can be adjusted to you specific needs, presented solely as a keynote or combined with a break-out session.

The Power to Heal Your Workplace

Focus: A mind shift to be healthy and highly functioning. Can have a specific focus toward employees, management or the organization as a whole.

Summary: An unconventional perspective on the purpose of the workplace with a look into causes of poor functioning. A call to action addresses the humanness that exists within the workplace – the interpersonal, structure, reciprocal needs, and the spirit that underlies it all. We need to work, work together, all in order to survive. As such, there is a higher, more cosmic purpose behind ‘working for a living’. It takes action on the part of both employees and employers to achieve a workplace that supports learning, growth, and evolution within a community. When the organization is healthy, and fully functional, both the organization and its people are empowered.

Key takeaways:

  • to provide autonomy in the workplace to work at our highest potential
  • to create our own healthy and functional workplace
  • to appreciate how our emotions and souls are affected at work

Break-out workshop is available from Keynote topic (45, 60, 90 min)


The Transparent Communicator

Focus: increasing the awareness of expressing and reading our unconscious, verbal and non-verbal messages.

Summary: Communication is more than words. Being a good talker is not the same as excelling at the art of communicating. How we say what we say shapes our relationships, and holds the space for difficult conversations, helping others and ourselves develop emotional maturity. Being able to use and read the deeper, more subtle messages behind our communication is not innate – it’s a powerful skill to learn.

Key takeaways:

  • to understand the power in what we don’t speak
  • to learn tools that can improve our listening
  • to appreciate how our emotions affect how we communicate

Break-out workshop is available from Keynote topic (45, 60, 90 min)


Those Personalities at Work

Focus: Awareness of the power our personalities play in our behaviour and its interaction with others.

Summary: Using the Enneagram Personality profile tool, we look at the power our personalities play in relationships to ourselves, others and in our workplace. People do what they do based on belief systems. Combining this with how our personality affects our perceptions, we better appreciate the complexity of us as human beings. We can improve our understanding of our differences, ourselves and one another to work better together.

Key takeaways:

  • An introduction to the Enneagram
  • Seeing the power of our personalities
  • Understanding what leads to conflict or cooperation

Break-out workshop is available from Keynote topic (45, 60, 90 min)


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