Step into a revolutionary approach to how you can heal the two areas a workplace suffers: with their people &/or in getting the work done. Healthy workplaces create the space for people to excel, love their jobs and do them very, very well in an organization that can dynamically, effectively and financially serve their clients.

A note about Covid 19: We adapted, just like you. All training and consulting is offered in a safe manner, including live, online options via Zoom.

The Functional Workplace

Every organization is asked to be a highly functional workplace in order to provide the best environment for their employees who deliver the product / service to their clients, Functionality improves efficiently, effectiveness, corporate image and overall performance of your business; thereby increasing the bottom line – for everyone! Creating significant systems, well laid out procedures, effective work-flow, defined roles/responsibilities and transparent planning allows your people to excel and tackle new challenges.

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The 3 R’s of Keeping the Best Employees

What does it take to attract, hire and keep the best employees?

  • Recruit well: developing a solid, holistic recruitment system
  • Identify the key components for attracting and selecting the right candidate
  • Retain well: Understand the significance and steps to excel at onboarding
  • Additional Strategies for retaining great employees
  • Release well: The steps required to release or reassign unsuited employees

The Multi-Generational Workplace

The diverse workplace offers so much more!

  • Understanding this new multi-generational workforce
  • Learn about the drivers for the Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and the new Gen Z
  • Identify the strengths of each generation and how to bring out their best
  • Accepting the differences to diversify the workflow
  • Complete testing to identify your own personality Type

The Art of Minute Taking

So many of us are expected to 'take the Minutes', but how?

  • Understand your role as the Minute Taker or Meeting Secretary
  • Learn the 4 Style for Minutes and 4 Meeting Types
  • Pick up the tips for accurate note taking
  • Keep track of the minutes, minute book, motions and documentation
  • Produce excellent systems for the entire office

Workplace Conference for Leaders

Be the reason employees love their job!

  • A comprehensive 3 days geared toward managers, supervisors, or small business owners
  • Learn the keys to making a workplace functional and sustainable
  • Skills to inspiring your team to perform at its best
  • Putting into place the necessary direction (planning), structure (PPP, RRR) and follow up to succeed
  • Develop communications as a compassionate, focused leader

Administrative Assistants Conference

The powerhouse behind gettin’ things done!

  • A comprehensive 3 days filled with compelling ideas for technical and interpersonal strategies
  • Discover the critical contribution the Administrative Assistant makes to the organization
  • How to master the role and complete the tasks
  • Confidence and assertiveness building
  • Balancing the multiple needs of departments, managers and coworkers
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The Healthy Workplace

Since the #1 reason people love or leave a job is due to how they are treated, this is a topic of great interest to most organizations. Navigating personalities and healthy communication is essential for playing nice in the sandbox! It all begins with understanding what makes people do what they do, accepting others for who they are, and developing achievable strategies to stay connected while getting the job done.

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Personalities in the Workplace

Why do people do what they do?

Develop greater insight to your own, and others’ motivations using the Enneagram, a well-respected, comprehensive personality profiling tool for personal and professional development.

Level 1: Introduction to the Enneagram

  • Testing to identify your own personality Type
  • Key terms and concepts
  • The traits/virtues/defects of all 9 personality Types
  • The Levels of development

Level 2: The Enneagram Explored

  • Integration & Disintegration qualities
  • What causes our Disintegration?
  • Integration strategies to develop our personality fully
  • Strengths each Type offers the workplace

Level 3: The Enneagram Gift

  • Learn to grow beyond the instincts of the Type
  • Further define the Types by the Triads (Social and Coping)
  • The Spiritual virtues for enhanced living

Communications at Its Best

We all talk; few truly communicate. If we want to be respected, get along well with others, and be seen as professional, and capable in the workplace, then the ability to communicate authentically, clearly, and directly is the most necessary skill to develop.

Level 1: Communication Fundamentals 

  • Understanding our needs and our values
  • Development and effect of the belief systems behind behaviours
  • Nature vs nurture
  • Conscious and unconscious behaviours
  • How vs What we Say

Level 2: Communication Toolbox

  • The power of our voice as a tool
  • Courage to communicate well in your workplace
  • Where we have 100% control (and where we don’t)
  • Building confidence in ourselves and others
  • Choosing to be Assertive

Level 3: Communication at Work 

  • Developing boundaries
  • Conscious choices for communicating
  • Guidelines to effectively communicate
  • The fine art of listening
  • Dealing with difficult people

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